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Make something that matters whether it's just for you or for others. This section contains information on how to create a submission, what voting means, general contest information and ways you can strategize to win.


Each month you get a new WORD. Use it to make something important.

Our main rule is that you TITLE your creation this word. If you were a poet and the contest was "love", you would title your poem "Love". Use this word as a way to inspire you to create something that means something to you to share with others.


Each contest has three main phases. Know your goals.

First Month

Submission Phase

The first month is for testing concepts, descriptions and where they show up. Submit as many creations as you'd like, edit 'til you are satisfied but remember, the early bird gets the early votes.

Second Month

Voting Phase

Hope you got it just right because everything gets locked down (uneditable) for the 2nd month. Focus on gathering votes and doing what you can to move all the way to the top.


Fast Riser Phase

After the winners have all gone home, the contest still goes on. Get on that first page where all the views are by being the most viral submission in the past 30 days near your rank. What a ride!


Three ways to say you like something: light, neutral and dark upvotes.

Any one of these counts as an upvote when it comes to rank and winning. However, if a piece of work strikes you as especially dark or light, let the creator know by voting that way. Once art is out of the artist's hands, it can be interpreted differently by each person viewing it. This helps us surface more of what it actually means to you and how you perceive it.


Our Contest Official Winners are decided by highest number of upvotes.

Top 5 voted submissions from each of the main categories
(Art, Photography, Video, Writing and Audio)

The Darkest and the Lightest submission overall

After the contest is over, the contest will then feature Fastest Risers alongside a permanent tab displaying Official Winners.


The Fast Riser badge gives you access to the fast lane towards the top...

The Fast Riser badge is a way to increase your exposure no matter how deep into a contest you are.
If you're doing better than the submissions around you, you'll earn a badge and enter the Fast Riser Feed.
If your submission has chops, your work could easily gain momentum and steamroll your way to the top.
The submissions that are rising the fastest will be sure to get some attention. More views = more upvotes.

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