Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.

I stumbled across this quote on one of my layovers. I was on a 10 hour layover in Richmond, VA watching a movie. Layovers like this do not give you time to enjoy the place so it was a time of relaxation. As I watched the movie one of the characters stated this quote. After the movie I proceeded to look it up and discovered how much I enjoyed and related to the quote. It has now become one of my all time favorite quotes.

Follow your heart no matter how tough life gets and don’t be afraid of taking chances. I have always believed that your heart will lead you in the right direction and that at times it is smarter than your brain. Trusting my gut or my heart has always lead me to either a new path in life or a lesson learned.

When I decided to become a flight attendant I did it because something inside of me told me to do so. I have never looked back on my decision. I am a risk taker, I follow my heart and always love with all my heart. Of course at times some of the decisions that I have made have led me to disappointment but, they were lessons learned. I realized that those actions were not my heart speaking to me but, my mind altering what my heart truly desired.

The toughest decision/risk that I have taken to this date is moving to Atlanta, GA. I left my entire life behind me, including my family and friends. Although they all supported the opportunity that I was given I spent all my time worried about them. Little by little this move has taught me more about myself than I have ever imagined and that no matter what everything will fall into place. I am more comfortable in my skin and have begun to put myself first. Although I miss those I love I no longer spend all my time worrying. The struggles I have encountered being on my own has made me a tougher person and happy being me!

Take risks and follow your heart no matter how rough that road gets. There is always a meaning behind the decisions that one makes.

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”


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How is your submission relevant to the contest?

This piece of writing is about how I made a new beginning when I moved to Virginia. It's like I was saying good bye to the life I knew and opened this door to something frightening. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Everything in my heart told me to panic, but then somehow, I held my breathe and took a step forward into my new beginning.

Why is this important to you?

I always felt trapped by what I thought I had to do. I mean I was terrified but after I actually did it, I felt so liberated. It didn't even take that much either. Just a little bit of bravery. I wrote this in hopes that it would inspire others who might be on the fence.

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