Pepperizer colors

.txtColor-[color]-###   .bgColor-[color]-###

pink 400

pink 500

pink 600

blue 400

blue 500

blue 600

green 400

green 500

green 600

chartreuse 400

chartreuse 500

chartreuse 600

purple 400

purple 500

purple 600

gold 400

gold 500

gold 600


gray 50

gray 100

gray 200

gray 300

gray 400

gray 500

gray 600

gray 700

gray 800

gray 900


social platform colors

.txtColor-[name]   .bgColor-[name]











Basic Buttons

primary btn


blue btn

.btn .btn-blue 

pink btn

.btn .btn-pink 

black btn

.btn .btn-black 

disabled btn (40% opacent)

.btn .btn-sponsor 

sponsor btn

.btn .btn-sponsor 


.btn .btn-subtle 


.btn .btn-outline 

outline light

.btn .btn-outline-light

white btn

.btn .btn-white 

round btn

.btn .btn-round 

round btn

.btn .btn-round btn-round-sponsor

round btn

.btn .btn-round btn-round-play

round btn large

.btn .btn-round btn-round-large

follow and following


Basic Button Sizes

small btn

.btn .btn-small 

medium/default btn


large btn

.btn .btn-large 

full width btn

.btn .btn-width

Form Fields

Thank you! Your submission has been received!

Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form

text area


Social Share Buttons

.wrap-socialShare  |  .btn .btn-round .btn-[fb, twitter, pinterest, googlePlus, email]

Social Logo Buttons

.wrap-socialShare-profile  |  .logo-social .logo-[fb, twitter, pinterest, googlePlus, instagram, vimeo, youtube, tumblr, vine]


support badge for cards



What a lovely surprise to finally discover how un-lonely being alone can be.

I was homeless for thirty two years before Mike found me. Just one month ago, I created an app.

Life is short and we have never too much time for those who are traveling the dark journey with us.

Content not within contest section needs contest label

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts in an effort to satisfy the need without satisfaction. #greed


Your knife, my back. My sword, your head. There's always time for a tiny taste of revenge. #taste


You have a mild sweetness when you are filled with shame. I can't help but to allow it in. #forgive


You keep me wild. I'll keep you safe. And in the end, we will be best friends. #wild


Sponsored Cards

Take a stand with me to stop hatred and violence against the LGBT community. Begin the demise of hatred.

View This Cause
View This Cause

Each life is a new beginning yet so many perish in preventable poverty. Help me today!

View This Cause

Help me make this the beginning to the end of internet dangers for young innocent children...

View This Cause

Help us drive awareness to the issue that most of our clothing ends up in landfills...


Water conservation is vital for all of us. We need your help to shed light on this precious topic.

View This Cause
View This Cause

Please help us help the animals that I feature in my work by making others realize that their habitats are important.

View This Cause

I want women to feel strong and be strong. Help me find ways to inspire courage and light for women across the world.

View This Cause

Poverty across the globe is an epidemic of unfathomable proportions. We need to educate and provide help.


Cards with Badges

Nobody has the right to hurt you for being different. #different


Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. #grow

How to overcome your vices with a healthy one, a short tutorial. #run


Round Voting Buttons

inactive state (main submission page)

.btn-vote .btn-vote-light + .txt-vote-count


.btn-vote .btn-vote-dark

inactive state (main submission page)

visibility turned on for fa-btn-voted and alternate text

.btn-vote + .fa-btn-voted

default state (add submission flow)

.btn-vote .btn-vote-addSub .btn-vote-light

.btn-vote .btn-vote-addSub

.btn-vote .btn-vote-addSub .btn-dark

Small Round Voting Buttons for Mobile

selected state

.btn-vote-small .btn-vote-light


.btn-vote-small  .btn-vote-dark

.fa .fa-btn-voted-small



.avatar .avatar-100

.avatar .avatar-75

.avatar .avatar-50

.avatar .avatar-30

.avatar .avatar-15

dark light bars

For Cards

the bar length should equal % of votes

what a lot of light votes look like


what an even mix of votes look like


what a lot of dark votes look like


For Submission Landing Pages

176 DARK

.bar-lp    |    .bar-fill-neutral    |    .bar-fill-dark

Profile Cards

Nathaniel Hizzay
@nhiz 4K votes

Nate has spent his career photographing american scenes. People complain a lot about Los Angeles: It's too big, too spread out, an...

3 NEW!   13     5     1
Jasmine Emma
@theniceone 65K votes

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the urban streets she grew up on, Jasmine shoots with a colored lens to influence the perception of...

2 NEW!   7     2     2    1   
Taylor Swift
@taylorswift 678K votes

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Raised in Wyomissing, PA, she moved to Nashville TN at the age of 14 to pursue a caree...

1 NEW!   56     23     13    +3
Tanqueray La Watt
@themillenialfalcon 349 votes

This skateboarder turned Vine star is really using his voice to make hot issues out of important topics. Known as one of the true eyes and ears...

1 NEW!   56     23     13    +3

Writing Card Options

txt.writing-card  |  .writing-card .writing-card-[light, dark, blue, pink, green, gold, purple]

Writing Card with Option by Same Artist

Card Options Menu

Here is the menu that appears when you click on the "more options" icon
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Sub Navigation

Super Duper Non-Exciting Secret Menu


Modal with a Footer, CTA's and subtle note for user

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