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Sure, our heritage and traditions are important to us, but if you still think that Japan should keep all of their old customs, maybe you should put down your iPad or your laptop and go read the newspaper like your parents and grandparents did. Celebrating tradition for tradition’s sake makes no sense. No one looks at a kimono for the first time and says “That’s amazing because it’s such an old tradition;” they say “that’s amazing because it’s so beautiful.” Luckily, Japan hasn’t lost kimono. Women just stopped wearing it as the customary fashion.Nowadays, if you see someone wearing a kimono, you can usually be sure that it really means something special, such as someone going to an important cultural event. Does it sound like Japan has “lost its culture” to you? Is it a new beginning or a drawn out end. I created a video that tries to create this vibe of old vs. new, traditional vs modern world.

Why is this important to you?

Culture is in a perpetual state of change - the reason why some cultures retain more of their own distinct cultural forms over longer periods than others is because they continue to be relevant in the practical and/ or spiritual life and in the interaction between the individual and the group and their physical environment. Once a significant number of people in any given society/ community steers away from certain cultural values and practices etc. culture breaks up and forms new connections - following the principle that culture is a system of shared meaning - signs and values stand in for something that is meaningful only for as long as people see it as an important part of their life (within a group).

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